Meet our City Fellows

Dr Helen Manchester

Urban Educational Futures, Sociotechnical Change, Social Justice

Portrait of Helen Manchester: a smiling lady in her 40's with short grey hair. She wears a black raincoat and is in front of a landscape..A significant part of my research involves working with others in the city to explore the co-design of cutting edge creative digital technologies with groups who might generally feel themselves to be excluded from the digital environment. I am also working with others in the city to explore the issues faced by the young and the old both now and in the future and to design research that increases their visibility and their chances to connect with each other in intergenerational work.

Read Helen’s September Update here.


Professor Morag McDermont

Housing Law & Policy, Administrative Law, Regulation and Risk, Social Theory

Portrait of Morag McDermont: a smiling lady in her 40's with long brown and grey hair tied in a bun.Morag’s research interests are focused around issues of regulation and governing, in particular the role played by the third sector/voluntary sector. She has an interest in the role of social theory in research and teaching, particularly the work of Michel Foucault and the governmentality scholars, and the work of Callon, Latour and others around the sociology of translation. All her research now aims to be a collaboration between academics an non-academics, recognising the importance of practitioner knowledge and expertise-by-experience in designing future research directions.

Read Morag’s September Update here.


Natasha Broad with Off The Record

LGBTQ+, Stigma and Discrimination

Portrait of Natasha Broad: A smiling lady in her 30's Natasha has thick straight dark brown hair and a heavy fringe.As a city fellow, I will be working alongside OTR Bristol, specifically within Freedom Youth, to work with LGBTQ+ young people. I intend to create an inclusive and intersectional project, ensuring that LGBTQ+ young people from all sectors of the community contribute to the planning, development and creation. I hope that this work will help to create community, address stigma and discrimination, and empower young people to create change in their community through social action. I aim to bring together some of the great work that is already happening in the city, and provide a platform to empower LGBTQ+ communities. By ensuring that marginalised voices are included in city wide decisions, and are recognised as important facets of the community, we can create a stronger, safer and more inclusive city.

Read Natasha’s September Update here.


Lucie Martin-Jones with WECIL

Disability, Healthcare systems.

Portrait of Lucie Martin-Jones: a Smiling lady in her 30's looking to the side. Lucie has straight medium length blonde hair and a fringe.As a City Fellow, WECIL will work with our community of disabled people, Bristol City Council, commissioners, BNSSG Clinical Commissioning Groups, Adult Social Care and local support organisations to work towards the One City Plan aspirations for Health and Wellbeing. We apply a ‘systems thinking’ approach to the existing healthcare systems to establish how effectively they are meeting ‘what matters’ to our citizens and to understand the value and waste work within those systems. We will then co-design with our community and partners effective systems which truly focus on self-directed outcomes for the citizen and which ultimately will result in cost reduction and better aligned healthcare and support. Within our role as a City Fellow we will also seek to influence city governance, policy making, consultation and commissioning through using the evidence gained throughout this project. We also look forward to working with the other City Fellows and sharing our learning and ideas to more widely support the delivery of the One City Plan.

Read Lucie’s September Update here.


Ben Carpenter with Grassroots Communities

Grassroot communities, Community Led Development

Portrait of Ben Carpenter: A Smiling man in his 30's with blue eyes, stubble and medium length light brown hair.I look forward to engaging with existing and new relationships across Bristol and creating curiousness around being part of a city-wide conversation that instigates actions that positively impact on everyone. Starting discussions with individuals and groups of all ages where they are most comfortable and taking next steps based on what people say and how they want to participate. Building relationships is critical to supporting voices from any community to be heard and I will support community led development of future innovative projects and approaches. I feel really proud to be given this opportunity to become a City Fellow supporting communities across Bristol to create lasting social change. Nurturing people and communities to support themselves yields the ripest fruit in the end.

Read Ben’s September Update here.


Anya Mulcahy- Bowman working alongside Barton Hill Settlement

Finance, Inclusive Economy

Portrait of Anya Mulcahy-Bowman: A lady in her 30's. Anya has wavy pink hair gathered at the top of her head, and blue eyes.

I am very excited to be part of the Bristol City Fellowship Programme. I am looking forward to working alongside other fellows and academics to develop Barton Hill Settlement’s BOOST Finance model both across the city, working with such partners as the Southmead Development Trust, The Park and Knowle West Media Centre as well as ensuring the rapidly changing face of East Bristol brings genuine opportunities for its community and residents. The model offers a new way of collaborative working that wraps services around community need, putting the community at the heart of its design and response and connects with Bristol’s One City Plan to address inequalities and create a more inclusive economy. Being a part of the Fellowship programme is a great opportunity for this community.

Read Anya’s September Update here.