‘Lockdown Tales: What Matters in the Margins?’ – Design Brief and Guidance

Bristol’s City Fellows are looking for a local artist to design a postcard representing Bristol’s diversity for the first stage of a community project in response to Covid-19.

The aim of the project is to capture ‘what matters’ to people in marginalised communities during lockdown – big or small, positive or challenging. People will be invited to share their thoughts on the postcard, physically or electronically, through words or pictures, to create a snapshot of Bristol at this time.

The theme for the postcard is ‘Bristol’s Diversity.‘ The City Fellows work with a variety of communities, including the LGBTQ+ community, the disabled community, and people living in East and South Bristol. We would like them to feel reflected and represented in the design. 

A wide range of people will receive the postcards, including those with visual and learning impairments. The design needs to be attractive, eye catching, and accessible. Examples of making the design accessible could include using minimal wording, not using small lettering, using bright colours, and creating a simple design. A simple, bright and cheerful design would be preferred. 

There will be a £100 prize for the winning design and your work will be credited, unless you wish to remain anonymous. 

We hope to include the postcards in an exhibition in Bristol at a later date, both physically and online.

Please email submissions to: city-fellowships-uob@bristol.ac.uk

Deadline for Submissions: May 12th


A winter photo of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, UK